Sunday, April 27, 2008


well, i hope you didn't waste your weekend watching the most over hyped event in all of sports, the NFL draft. yes, ESPN has a huge case of overkill. and i want to kill mel kiper jr. fortunately, we won't have to look at his ugly mug until this time next year. At least they shortened the selection times in hopes of streamlining the tedium. I mean who recognizes more than 15 or 20 players of the 2 or 3 hundred that are selected? the only player that the Colts drafted that i recognize is their 202nd pick, Mike Hart from Michigan. seems like a great pick that late in the draft and he could be a good combo with Jo Addai. we also drafted 2 tight ends....uhhh Dallas Clark. and we drafted 3 centers (yes, 3)...uhhh Jeff Saturday. apparently our first pick, center Mike Pollack from Arizona State will be trying to fill in at guard with the loss of Jake Scott. we also added a defensive end, a linebacker and a wide receiver (hopefully the WR won't see much turf this year marvin harrison). well, i dont know anything about most of these guys but i must say i trust Bill Pollian. after all, he chose Edge over Ricky Williams and Peyton over Ryan Leaf. not to mention choosing 2 undersized players in Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney that others doubted simply because of their size. all i got to say is Pro Bowlers!
if the Horse can stay healthy next year and get a little out of this draft class i think we could be looking at another run at some rings.
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Kate said...

What happened to my boy Dallas Clark, and a week of Jeff Saturdays?

And why didn't this post first time I clicked? Hm.