Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, i called it a little early on the last post. Denver drowned themselves out of the postseason and it's off to San Diego we go for another playoff game. Last years playoff loss seems so long ago after the season we have had this year. The early season blunders left us all doubtful and then we finished with 9 straight, many of which were not decided until late in the game.
So here we go, the 5th seed, 12-4, Horse going against the 4th seed, 8-8, Chargers, in San Diego. If you were to break the playoffs down by wins and losses, the Colts, who share the 2nd best record in the AFC with the Steelers, would be the 2nd seed and have a bye in the first round, because they beat the Steelers in the regular season. And San Diego, who shares the same record as Houston and Denver, would not even be in the playoffs, because 2 teams, the Jets (9-4) and the Pats (11-5) have a better record than them. Though I do take pride in the fact that I called the patriots not making the playoffs (see post Wicky Wicky Wack, Sept. 23, and also note the Colts comments at the end of the post), i do not feel that the current playoff system is fair. I don't mind the fact that the Division winners make the playoffs regardless of their record. But once in the playoffs, I'd like to see teams seeded by season record. The playoffs are about the big picture, how did you do against the league?, and let's get it on from there. But I'm not whining cuz the Equines don't have a bye or a home game, that's just what i think. On the other hand, yeah, San Diego makes me nervous, but I think we can handle their business. And from there, hey, we've been there, we've got that ring, and that certainly is an advantage. Let's do it!


NAPTOWN said...

Note the above picture, in which, Peyton is motioning that he is about to get his 2nd Super Bowl ring.

Slaz said...

Please note that the plumber wasn't playing in the first win we got against these dolts, uh, er, bolts.

Kate said... the new look. Nothing to do with the post, I know, but since we were just chatting about this at the bar I feel it's ok :)